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A Union Shop using Union Made Apparel for Union Members

10 years ago we joined the Amalgamated Lithographers Local 1-L and was sponsored into the IBT approved vendors by Local 194 of the Teamsters. Since then we have provided 100% union made apparel to over 100 locals within the Teamsters, Carpenters, UANJ(refrigeration and heating), Glass Blowers and Printers unions. We supply our products ( King Louie and Unionmade Apparel) all over the USA.


We are one of just a few IBT approved vendors that are a union shop supplying union made jackets in the NJ/NY metro area. Others may claim they sell union made apparel but do not actually do the work. Be careful as some vendors will offer you Made in the USA products but they are not Union Made. Come and visit our shop and see for yourself, we always have an inventory of Union Made jackets on hand.


We will soon be expanding into digital laser printing which can produce up to 16 million colors on a printed shirt. Need small quantities 36+ pieces with custom designs-No screen charges, set up fees or special color charges. Give us a call to find out about the future of tee shirt printing.

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