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A Union Shop using Union Made Apparel for Union Members

Welcome to our UNION MADE catalog section. As a Union shop we only offer UNION MADE APPAREL MADE RIGHT HERE  IN THE USA. By offering only UNION MADE we strengthen our cause and keep the money in the USA, that’s what unions were created for.

We currently only offer about 5-6 items online, but you will notice our jacket  prices with complete embroidery( front-back and sleeve) are almost the same price that other sites offer with no decoration and we include shipping to you. If you want something other than what is on the online  store go thru the catalogs and contact me personally ( Bob McCormack 973-764-3840).

As our site grows we will be adding items to the online store. Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to call me.

King Louie America 2016

Union Line 2016

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