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Member of GCC/IBT Amalgamated Lithogographers LOCAL-1L


10 years ago we joined the Amalgamated Lithographers Local 1-L and was sponsored into the IBT approved vendors by Local 194 of the Teamsters. Since then we have provided 100% union made apparel to over 100 locals within the Teamsters, Carpenters, UANJ(refrigeration and heating), Glass Blowers and Printers unions...


Our brothers and sisters purchase from all over the USA.

union catalogs

As a Union shop we only offer UNION MADE APPAREL MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. By offering only UNION MADE we strengthen our cause and keep the money in the USA, that’s what unions were created for.

If you want something other than what is on the online store go thru the catalogs and contact me personally.


Bob McCormack  Ph: 973-764-3840

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